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Ericsson Hewlett Packard Telecom (EHPT) was a Swedish consortium made up of 60% Ericsson interests and 40% Hewlett-Packard interests. The company was founded in 1993 as a joint venture owned by Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard. It was an independent, world-class provider of application software and services to telecom operators and has installed 450 operations support and business support systems in 65 countries.[1] Set up by Hewlett-Packard and Ericsson to address the telecoms industries "huge technological challenge in the early 1990's: that of moving from memechanical to electronic switching platforms"...[2] The alliance was complex as the two companies had competing solutions. The consortium was dissolved when Ericsson bought the remaining 40% from HP. EHPT’s activities were consolidated into Ericsson’s operations, effective September 4, 2001.[3][4] Hewlett-packard remained a strong partner of Ericsson, reselling, implementing and supporting billing systems and business support systems through the different HP organizations.

In 2003, Ericsson outsourced its IT to Hewlett-Packard which included managed services, help desk support, data center operations, and the HP Utility Data Center. The contract was extended in 2008.[5] Further joint go to markets between Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard occurred, including notably the Joint Telecoms Outsourcing, which was responsible for multiple $500m deals including those with H3G and Vodafone.[6]

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