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Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.
IndustryIndustrial conglomerates
Manchester, New Hampshire
Productscopper premises cable, fiber optic electronics round cable, electrical ribbon cable

Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. (HCM) is a manufacturer of premises telecommunications, optical fiber and electronics cables headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, and part of the Hitachi Cable division of electronics conglomerate Hitachi.[1]


Copper premises cable

Category 6A UTP, Category 6A F/UTP, Category 6 UTP, Category 5e UTP, Category 5e and 6 outdoor, Category 6 GoldLAN hybrid, Category 5e GoldLAN hybrid, Category 5e power sum multi pair, Category 3 power sum multi pair, composite, ScTP, under carpet, and UTP cable.

Fiber optic cable

Indoor interconnect, indoor multi-unit, indoor single-unit, indoor loose tube no-gel, indoor/outdoor central tube, indoor/outdoor loose tube, indoor/outdoor tight buffered multimode/singlemode, outside plant armored, and outside plant loose tube fiber optic cable.

Electronic round cable

Coaxial, general purpose 24AWG, HDMI, IEEE 1284, IEEE 1394, Infiniband, probe, SCSI, Serial ATA, USB, and VGA electronic round cable.

Electronic ribbon cable

Multicolor planar, microzip planar, PVC ribbonized MCX, SCSI micro quick twist, shielded, and wide pitch planar ribbon cable.

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