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Kamuli Sugar Limited
IndustryManufacture & Marketing of Sugar
HeadquartersKamuli District, Uganda

Kamuli Sugar Limited (KSL), is a sugar-manufacturing company in Uganda.[1][2]


The factory and company headquarters are located on the Jinja-Kamuli-Mbulamuti Road, about 12 kilometres (7 mi) south of the town of Kamuli, where the district headquarters are located.[3] The coordinates of the company headquarters are: 0°51'07.0"N, 33°07'34.0"E (Latitude:0.851955; Longitude:33.126103).[4] The company is a member of the Millers Association of Sugarcane, a nationwide industry group of small sugar manufacturers in Uganda.[5]


Kamuli Sugar Limited, founded in 2010,[6] is a member of the Pramukh Group of Companies, which includes Pramukh Steel Limited, founded in 2007, and Ajay Cotton Limited, founded in 2009.[7]

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