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LeverX is an international system integrator headquartered in Miami. The company specializes in software engineering services and SAP implementation and customization.


The LeverX was founded in 2003 and quickly established itself as an SAP Preferred Vendor in 2004.[1]

In 2011, The LeverX created an additional brand called Emerline, which specializes in custom software engineering and IT consulting. The Emerline brand allowed LeverX to separate its SAP services from its other IT services.[2]

LeverX expanded its presence internationally[3] by 2022, with physical offices operating in the US, Germany, Lithuania, Poland,[4][5] Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan,[6]Bulgaria, and The United Arab Emirates.[7][8]

In 2023 LeverX moved its headquarters from Mountain View, California, to Miami.[9][10][11]


LeverX is a systems integrator that provides SAP implementation services and custom software development. LeverX has clients in North America, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.[12]

LeverX is an SAP Global Strategic Supplier and works in over 30 industries, including Transportation, Logistics, Industrial and manufacturing engineering, and healthcare.[13][14]

LeverX conducts business in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, MENA, and Central Asia.[15]

Dr. Victor Lozinski[16] is the co-founder and Chairman of the board at LeverX. Born in Latvia in August 1960, Victor holds a Master's and Doctorate degree from Riga Technical University in Latvia and a Dr.-Ing from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. Before founding LeverX in 2003, Dr. Lozinski occupied several technical and product leadership positions in consulting and product management at SAP SE, SAP Germany, and SAP America.

Partners and customers

Among LeverX's partners are Cideon,[17] SAP and DSC. The company is also a member of the SAP AppHaus Network.[18]

LeverX is an SAP Partner,[19] AWS Consulting Partner,[20] Google Cloud Partner and Microsoft Solutions Partner.[21]


LeverX is an official participant and sponsor, as well as a presenter, in international tech and business events that include the following: SAPinsider,[22] the United States,[23] Sapphire Barcelona 2023,[24] SAP Sapphire 2023,[25] Team Leaders / Komandu Lyderiai,[26] LeverX Innovation Forum 2019, 2022.[27]


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