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Short description: Canadian engineering company
S-FRAME Software
IndustryAnalysis and design software for structural engineers
Key people
Marinos Stylianou (CEO), George Casoli (Founder, President)

S-FRAME Software Inc., (now part of Altair) formerly SOFTEK Services Ltd.[1][2] is a Canadian engineering software company that develops analysis and design software for use by civil and structural engineers. S-FRAME was founded in 1981 by George Casoli, FCSCE, P.Eng.[3] The company was acquired in 2021 by Altair Engineering.[4]

S-FRAME is on the list of accepted computer programs for use in Hong Kong from the Hong Kong Building Department.[5]

Use in notable structures

S-FRAME Analysis and S-CONCRETE were used to create structural models of the Burj Khalifa, currently, the world's tallest building, designed by Chicago, Illinois-based Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). Bill Baker, Partner at SOM, discussed the use of S-FRAME in his keynote at the 2012 Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia (SEABC) Annual General Meeting, stating that SOM used S-FRAME as it was the program with which their in-house optimization software integrated.[6]

Product list

S-FRAME Structural Office consists of:[7]

  1. S-FRAME - structural modeling, analysis, and design with links to BIM[8] software.
  2. S-STEEL - design and optimization of 2D/3D steel structures.
  3. S-CALC - cross-sectional properties calculator.
  4. S-TIMBER - structural analysis and timber design.
  5. S-PAD - design and optimization of steel members.
  6. S-CONCRETE - section design and detailing tool for reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls.
  7. S-LINE - design and detailing of continuous reinforced concrete beams.
  8. S-FOUNDATION - analysis and design of reinforced concrete footings and foundations.
  9. S-VIEW - post-processing tool for model validation and collaboration.


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