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Initial release3 June 2013; 9 years ago (2013-06-03)
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TransferNow [1] is a French file transfer service based on cloud architecture, created in 2013 in Paris. The tool allows, among other things, to send and share files up to 5 GB [2] (free version) and up to 50 GB for the "TransferNow Premium" and "TransferNow Team" plans. The "TransferNow Enterprise" plan allows you to exceed these service limits.

To date, TransferNow has enabled its users to perform more than 20 million file transfers [3], with more than 50 million files sent and 150 million files downloaded, counting active users in over 150 countries.


The free version of TransferNow requires no registration. Uploaded files are available for up to 7 days [4] before being automatically deleted from the servers for privacy reasons.

The tool allows you to send large files to several contacts and recipients or to create a simple sharing link. It is possible to add a subject or message, protect the access to the files of a transfer by password and parameterize the transfer (download confirmation, reminder before expiration of a transfer, preview and streaming of transferred files).


Additional features and higher service limits are available with paid versions of TransferNow (such as file storage for up to 365 days).

It is also possible to choose the date and time you wish to send a transfer, specify a specific expiration date for the deletion of files from a transfer, or limit the number of overall downloads or per recipient for a transfer.

TransferNow also allows you to send or receive white label files for companies. It is possible to add your logo, wallpapers and specific color codes to better promote your image to your users.

Two tools are available to receive files: a first feature allows you to share a link with a contact so that they can send files that the user will receive directly on their account (push feature). A second feature allows you to receive files directly from your own website (widget feature) thanks to a file reception form generator allowing you to build customized forms.

Equivalent commercial services

TransferNow is a reliable alternative to WeTransfer. [5]

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