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Privately held company
IndustryMobile Entertainment
Founded2005 in Herzliya, Israel
Redwood City, California
United States
Key people
Martin Dunsby, President and CEO
Yaron Buznach, Founder and CTO
William R. (Bill) Beyer:, CFO
ProductsMobile Applications
Number of employees
WebsiteVollee Currently Offline

Vollee is an Israeli-American technology company that develops software intended to allow users to remotely interact with CPU-intensive PC applications by streaming input and output data back and forth across a network. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, its primary focus involves enabling PC games to be played on 3G-compatible mobile phones.

As of this time[when?], Vollee appears to no longer exist. Phone numbers for their California office have been disconnected and their website is no longer reachable. A Mirror of it [1] also appeared but it has been removed as well.

Products and services


Vollee's flagship technology, the VolleeX engine, acts as a bridge between a mobile phone and a Vollee server running a PC game or application. VolleeX converts video and audio output from the application into a proprietary streaming video format, using compression to minimize bandwidth requirements on 3G networks. At the same time, VolleeX takes user input from the mobile device (i.e. button presses), converts this to the appropriate form of input for the PC application (i.e. a mouse click), and streams it back to the server, allowing the user to interact with the application similarly to how one might do so on a PC. Vollee's streaming protocols attempt to minimize lag so as not to cause problems in fast-paced games.

The VolleeX engine also manipulates the game's 3D rendering in a hardware accelerated fashion and in accordance with game profiles created by Vollee's game designers to makes suitable to the target device. [1]

VolleeX's first public implementation was seen in May 2008 with a fully featured mobile client for Second Life.[2]

There is also a video of Vollee client playing World of Warcraft at this website


Vollee has announced partnerships with video game publishers Activision Blizzard, Codemasters, and Encore Software. Their Second Life client was produced in partnership with Linden Lab.[3]


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