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Yoast BV
IndustrySearch-engine optimization
FoundedMay 2010; 12 years ago (2010-05)
FounderJoost de Valk
Area served
Number of employees
48[1] (2016)

Yoast is a search-optimization firm based in Wijchen, Netherlands.[2] Yoast is currently considered the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WordPress users, with its developers responsible for over 10% of WordPress releases.[3][4]


Yoast was created by Joost de Valk in 2006, originally as[5] After moving to and eventually selling the domain "", de Valk created the Yoast platform in 2010.[6]

In 2012, Yoast was expanded to offer a premium model for WordPress. As of june 2018, Yoast employed 94 people, of which 71 are in Wijchen.[1]


Yoast has received praise for its extensive applications in SEO, both within and beyond its ubiquity as a WordPress plug-in, and for its accessibility as a freemium model.[7][8] The software runs on more than 8 million sites and on 11.4% of the top 1 million sites in the world.[9] On WordPress alone, it has amassed over one million downloads.[10][11] Its software was rated "5 out of 5" by Syed Moiz Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner, a blog for new users to the WordPress platform.[12] In addition, it's been described as one of the most powerful applications available to WordPress users by GoDaddy and Forbes .[13][14]

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