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Contributed packages

DMelt is based on many reused JAVA classes that have been rewritten and adopted such that they can fit to the DMelt concept of the Java scripting, rather than their original GUI or macro driven concept. Usually, this means that all packages were refactored and are complemented with their own high-level classes to be called from Jython (or BeanShell).

The number of external Java packages included in DMelt is more than 250. All packages listened below are subject to their licenses. The vast majority of the included packages are GNU-licensed or have very permissive open-source licenses.

The DMelt is a collective work of many people dedicated to open-source scientific software. The author is grateful to many authors writing free scientific software for their dedication to science and open-source analysis tools.

Many projects from the list given below are not supported any longer by the original authors, but they were very useful at the time when DMelt was under a heavy development. Currently, such unsupported by the original authors Java packages are supported within the DMelt project.

DMelt contains

We apologies in advance if some references are missing. Usually we check that all submitted jar libraries are available in public domain and have an open-source license. However, if you note that some library is inconsistent with a public domain license (GNU or FreeBSD), please inform us and we will remove such library. Please contact us at dmelt(AT)