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DataMelt single-jar library

DataMelt can be used in form of "single-jar" library for deployments inside fully-featured NetBeans IDE (see Netbean) or Eclipse IDE. This takes advantage of many features of these professional tools. In addition, you can write scripts in Jython, Groovy and JRuby (after installing appropriate plugins),

For members, DataMelt can be download as:

  • Single-jar library under the GNU GPL license (cannot be used with closed code)
  • Single-jar library under the LGNU license (for commercial applications). Read DataMelt license

The first library is available for DataMelt members, the second is for developers.

Here an example of how to use single-jar library:

Assume you have dmelt_onejar.jar and you have untarred jython (the linux/mac command: tar -vzfx jython.tgz) Your directory will look as:

dmelt_onejar.jar # DataMelt single-jar library jython/ # directory with Jython

Now you can run any DataMelt Jython code from examples. Here is a simple example that shows how to run an example

java -cp jython/jython.jar:dmelt_onejar.jar -Dpython.home=jython org.python.util.jython

Of course, you can use "dmelt_onejar.jar" to run any Java code.

Single-jar library for NetBeans/Eclipse

Here are the steps which are needed to port the DataMelt library into NetBeans. You can do similar steps for Eclipse IDE. Below we provide a single jar file which include all DataMelt libraries (excluding those which belong to the DataMelt IDE) and pre-configured Netbeans platform to work with such libraries.