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CSV file format

Cross platform I/O can be also achieved using Comma-separated_values (CVS) files. You can use this format to fill spreadsheets and read them in spreadsheet programs ( Calc, Excel, Gnumeric, StarCalc). The format is a text file, encoded in ASCII, with a header and body. The Java class for this format is called

Here is a simple Python example showing how to create a CSV file

from jhplot import *
from import *

p=P1D("X-Y values with error 0.5 on Y")


The output file "test.csv" can be read in OpenOffice or any other spreadsheet programs.

Here is a more complicated example:

ASCII, Gauss, Matlab, Excel data formats

DataMelt can read data (timeseries) in variety of formats, such as ASCII, Gauss, Matlab, Excel. Data can be modified, showed as tables/ One can plot such data and perform a statistical analysis. One can also save such data into files. Read Time series for detail since this topic is closely related to financial calculations