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Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group
Mount Shibagare, Mount Yoko, and Mount Tateshina (October 2006)
Highest point
PeakMount Tengu
Elevation2,646 m (8,681 ft)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 36°01′09″N 138°21′20″E / 36.01917°N 138.35556°E / 36.01917; 138.35556
EtymologyNorthern Mountains with eight peaks
Native name北八ヶ岳 Kita-Yatsugatake  (language?)
StateNagano Prefecture
DistrictsKitasaku and Minamisaku District, Nagano
Parent rangeYatsugatake Mountains
Borders onSouthern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group
BiomeAlpine climate
OrogenyIsland arc
Age of rockQuaternary
Type of rockVolcanic

Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group (北八ヶ岳, Kita-Yatsugatake) is a volcanic group of stratovolcanoes and lava domes[1] located in Nagano Prefecture on Honshū in Japan .


The Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group is part of the Yatsugatake Mountains. The northern group is defined as the mountains from Mount Futago to Natsuzawa Pass. The highest peak of the mountains is Mount Tengu and the elevation is 2,646 metres.

The southern Yatsugatake mountains are steep and have alpine characteristics. The mountains of the Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group are gentler and lower.

Yatsugatake is listed among the 100 famous mountains in Japan, but this refers to the Southern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group. Mount Tateshina is also mentioned as one of the 100 famous mountains, and it is part of the Northern Yatsugatake mountains, but is listed separately.

These mountains are part of the Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Park.[2]

Geology and volcanic activity

The volcanoes are stratovolcanos that are 1 million to 200,000 years old. The rock is mainly basalt, dacite, and andesite. Mount Yoko has shown the most recent activity and is now considered an active volcano. It last erupted about 800 years ago.[3] In 888 a debris avalanche on the East side of the volcanic massif caused Lake Matsubara to form. The Tateshina-kogen plateau was formed by a large lava flow.[1]

List of peaks

The following peaks, from North to South, make up the Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group:[1][3]


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