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The Rižana is a river in Slovenia. It has also been known as the Risano. It was known as the Formio in Latin. The town of Rižana is located upon it.

Its mouth is on or near the Gulf of Trieste of the Adriatic Sea.[1]

The Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve is a park area of wetlands where the Rižana and Badaševica rivers used to flow into the sea.[2]



  1. Its mouth may be considered to be on a lagoon area on the inland side of Koper? The point location of 45°32′42″N 13°45′20″E / 45.544871°N 13.755519°E / 45.544871; 13.755519 (Possible mouth) may be its mouth, per an interpretation of Google maps.
  2. "ŠKOCJANSKI ZATOK NATURE RESERVE". Retrieved 13 March 2020. 

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