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Short description: Defunct American motor vehicle manufacturer
1909 Frontenac

Abendroth & Root Manufacturing Company were a manufacturer of water heaters, water tanks, and other sanitation equipment.

Founded in Newburgh, New York, in 1866, they entered the automobile business in 1906. Using the name Frontenac, they catered to the upper middle class, featuring large-displacement four-cylinder engines. Only twelve were built the first year[1]

Production peaked at 100 vehicles per year in 1907 and dropped off from there until production ended in 1913. As a result, the company abandoned the effort and returned to their original business.[1] The factory was located at the foot of Park Place.[2]

The company was unrelated to the Frontenac Motor Corporation, founded by Louis Chevrolet and his brothers.

[ ⚑ ] 41°31′08″N 74°00′27″W / 41.518808°N 74.007463°W / 41.518808; -74.007463

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