Engineering:Airship Development AD1

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Short description: British advertising airship
Role Non-rigid airship
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer Airship Development Company
First flight 6 November 1929
Number built 1

The Airship Development AD1 was a British non-rigid gas-filled advertising airship.[1] The airship had a 60,000 cubic feet (1,700 m3) envelope made by the Reginald Foster Dagnall Company of Guildford.[1] The airship, registered G-FAAX,[2] was erected at the old Cramlington Airship Station near Newcastle where it was test flown on 6 November 1929.[1] It was powered by a 100 hp (75 kW) ABC Hornet four-cylinder piston engine mounted on a three-seater underslung car.[1]

The AD1 was used for advertising and had a 76 by 24 ft (23.2 by 7.3 m) panel on each side for messages.[1] It was dismantled after an accident in June 1931[3] when a storm tore it from its moorings and damaged the envelope.[4]


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