Engineering:Alfa Romeo Sportut

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Short description: Concept car designed by Bertone
Alfa Romeo Sportut
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ManufacturerAlfa Romeo
Also calledBertone Sportut
Body and chassis
ClassConcept car
Body styleSUV
LayoutFront-engine all-wheel drive
PlatformType Two
RelatedAlfa Romeo 145
Engine2.0 L Twin Spark inline-4
Transmission5-speed manual
Length4,110 mm (162 in)[1]
Width1,810 mm (71 in)
Height1,640 mm (65 in)

The Alfa Romeo Sportut is a concept car designed by Bertone for the Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It was based on an Alfa Romeo 145 platform[2] and first shown at the 1997 Geneva Motor Show as a non-moving styling exercise.[3]

The vehicle's body style is a four-door SUV,[4] with hidden rear door-handles like the Alfa Romeo 156.[5]

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 4 cylinders in-line, 4 valves per cylinder, Twin Spark
  • configuration: front transverse
  • displacement: 1970 cc
  • power: 150 PS (110 kW; 148 bhp)[6]
  • chassis:
  • transmission: 4WD
  • gearbox: 5-speed manual