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OATS ("Open Source Assistive Technology Software") is a source code repository or "forge" for assistive technology software. It was launched in 2006 [1] with the goal to provide a one-stop “shop” for end users, clinicians and open-source developers to promote and develop open source assistive technology software. It also allows users to find other software that is free but not open source,[2] and open-source software that is developed elsewhere, for example NVDA,[3] Orca[4] and FireVox.[5]

The OATS website was launched at the end of the OATS project, a one-year pilot project that ended in March 2006, and claimed to be the first open-source repository dedicated to assistive technology.[2][6] In April 2006, the British Computer Society (BCS) announced that it was backing the OATS project;[7] in August 2006, the British Computer Society's Open Source Specialist Group organised a meeting about the project.[8]

The OATS project was made up of five partner organisations co-ordinated by the ACE Centre.[9] The OATS repository wants to offer an efficient and intuitive way to access good quality assistive technology.[10] The OATS repository offers the following facilities to developers:[11]

  • project pages to document and manage a software project,
  • a code repository (Subversion),
  • a project management system (Trac or Poi).

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