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Phantom Badger
TypeLight Utility Vehicle
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service2014–present
Production history
DesignerMSI Defense
ManufacturerBoeing Phantom Works
VariantsSpecial Recon, Combat Search and Rescue, Casualty Transport, FAV
Mass7,850 lb (3,402 kg) base curb weight
 length180 in. (457 cm.)
Width60 in. (152.5 cm)
Height65 in. (165 cm), able to lower to 60 in. (152.5 cm) for transport
Diameter24.5 ft (7.47 m) four-wheel steering; 32ft (9.75 m) two-wheel steering [1]
Crew1 driver, passengers vary based on configuration

Payload capacity3,356 lb (1,587 kg)
SuspensionIndependent 4×4
450 miles (724 km)
Speed83 mph (134 kmph)
4-wheel, 24-foot radius; 2-wheel, 32-foot radius

The Boeing Phantom Badger, or simply the Badger, is a combat support vehicle built by Boeing, in collaboration with MSI Defense Solutions.[2] Designed in response to transport issues with the V-22 Osprey, the Badger is notable for its size and versatility.[3] Unlike previous vehicles and competing offers, the Badger's design is such that it avoids non-standard equipment, instead using already available hardware for construction.[4] Although officially certified for use with United States Navy aircraft, the Badger is also used by the Air Force as well as United States Marine Corps special operations.


The Badger seats 2, with a rear designed to be configured based upon its mission requirements.


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