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R4 nuclear reactor was a nuclear reactor built at Marviken and the fourth nuclear reactor built in Sweden. It was heavy water moderated and intended for the dual role of 130MWe of power generation as well as plutonium production. It had a central role in the Swedish nuclear weapon programme. During the mid 1960s, the social democratic government officially abandoned the project of designing Swedish nuclear weapons and the Marviken-plant became derelict. It was never loaded with fuel, and the project was cancelled in 1970.

The turbine hall was subsequently used for an oil-fired power station, and the pressure vessel and containment building were subsequently used for experiments into reactor behaviour under accident conditions.

The Nuclear reactor, the oil fired power station and surrounding 250 hectares of land and water was acquired by Synthesis Real Estate during 2018. Synthesis Analytics is building a computing center to leverage the vast access to energy while Synthesis Real Estate will develop an Archipelago City heated by the surplus heat from the computing center.


This reactor was built as part of the budding nuclear program for Sweden. This reactor's construction began some time during the Cold War (presumably the 1960s). The large facility was intended to bring power as well as provide plutonium for this upcoming nuclear program. Though, the construction ended in the 1960s, when the nuclear ambition of Sweden was killed. Part of the plant was later used as an oil-fired plant, but the large building remains an unused structure to this day.

The reactor was later used to test nuclear safety equipment, as well as the behavior of nuclear reactors.


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Coordinates: 58°33′11″N 16°49′58″E / 58.55306°N 16.83278°E / 58.55306; 16.83278

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