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Text-to-911 is a technology that enables emergency call takers to receive text messages.[1] Its use is encouraged for the hearing impaired and in situations when it is too dangerous to call.[2] As of May 2014, all four major carriers in the United States offered text-to-911.[3] However, as of October 2018, only approximately 1,600 of more than 6,000 emergency call centers were setup to receive texts.[4]


The FCC maintains a registry of areas supporting text-to-911. All carriers are required to send bounce-back messages to inform the sender that the message could not be received if text-to-911 is not supported by the local call center.[5]

Statewide Support

The National Association of the Deaf provides a map of states providing text-to-911.[10]


Call centers are usually funded by both state and federal funding.[4] Limited funding and outdated technology have slowed the adoption of text-to-911.[4] Voice-based calls are still preferred and considered the more efficient form of communication.[1] Many cities are concerned about overuse of texting, which may slow response times.[2] Texts to 911 are not prioritized so they may be slow to be delivered.[5]


In August 2009, Waterloo, Iowa was the first county to begin receiving texts to 911.[11]

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