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Turkish Technic Hangar at Esenboğa International Airport

Turkish Technic (Turkish Airlines Maintenance Center), is the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) center of Turkish Airlines. Third party airlines are also served. Turkish Technic is headquartered at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (ISL) and owns a maintenance hangar at Istanbul airport (IST) on the European side of Istanbul. However, a new complex built at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) on the Asian (Anatolia) side of Istanbul, formerly named Turkish Habom (Habom being short for "aviation MRO"), is poised to become the main center of operations.[1]

Turkish Technic in brief

Turkish Technic was incorporated in 2006. It operates in three hangars for narrowbody and widebody airplanes and a VIP & light airplanes hangar in IST, in a total enclosed area of 130,000 m² with a workforce of 3,000 employees. Approximately 1,800 of these are technicians and almost 1,300 of these technicians are licensed (LAE - Licensed Aircraft Engineers). The newly built facilities in SAW encompass a hangar for 11 single-aisle aircraft and a separate hangar for three long-haul airframes. The complex is a total enclosed area of 380,000 m² with more than 3,100 employees. A separate narrowbody hangar exists in Esenboğa International Airport (ESB), Ankara.

Turkish Technic is a member of IATP (International Airlines Technical Pool), ELMO (European Line Maintenance Organization), and Airbus MRO Network. Line maintenance stations exist at 24 domestic and 30 international airports.

Turkish Technic's facilities

Aircraft maintenance hangars and workshops

  • Hangar #1 has a total enclosed area of 51,000 m² and can accommodate 2 widebody (Airbus A310) and 3 narrowbody (Boeing 737-800) aircraft simultaneously.
  • Hangar #2 has a total enclosed area of 80,000 m² and can accommodate 3 widebody (2 ea. Airbus A340 and 1 ea. Airbus A310) and 4 narrowbody (Boeing 737-800) aircraft simultaneously.
  • Hangar #3 was bought from MNG Teknik and has a separate painting facility. Maintenance capabilities for the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 were also added with this acquisition.
  • Non-destructive testing workshop
  • Emergency equipment workshop
  • Aircraft painting workshop
  • Aircraft seating workshop
  • Sheet metal, structural repair & composite workshop
  • Cabin interior & textiles workshop
  • Dry cleaning workshop

Engine maintenance workshops

  • Engine overhaul workshop
  • APU overhaul workshop
  • Engine & APU test cells
  • Fuel systems workshop

Manufacturing & repair workshops

  • Electro-plating workshop
  • Welding workshop
  • Machining workshop

Component maintenance workshops (Avionic Shops)

  • Radio workshop
  • Instruments workshop
  • Electrical and battery workshop
  • Automatic test equipment (ATE) workshop
  • Calibration workshop

Component maintenance workshops (Hydro-Mechanical Shops)

  • Hydraulic workshop
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Electro-mechanical workshop
  • Pneumatic workshop
  • Oxygen regulator & recharging workshop (US DOT D030 approved workshop)
  • Landing gear workshop
  • Brake workshop
  • Wheels & tires workshop

Turkish Technic's certifications

  • JAA, JAR-145
  • EASA, EASA part-145
  • FAA, FAA air agency certificate
  • US DOT D030 approval for oxygen regulator & recharging workshop

Turkish Technic's capabilities

Turkish Technic performs aircraft base and line maintenance, engine and APU maintenance and component maintenance services for the types listed below. Most engine work has moved to Turkish Engine Center at SAW, on the Asian/Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Aircraft Base and Line Maintenance Capabilities

Aircraft Manufacturer Aircraft Type Base Maint. Line Maint.
Airbus Airbus A300-B2/B4/C4/F4 Series X X
Airbus A300-600 X X
Airbus A310-200/300 X X
Airbus A320 Family X X
Airbus A330 Series X X
Airbus A340-200 X X
Airbus A340-300 X X
Boeing Boeing 707-120/-320 X
Boeing 727-200 X X
Boeing 737-300/-400/-500 X X
Boeing 737-600/-700/-800/-900 X X
Boeing 747-400 X
Boeing 757-200 X X
Boeing 767-200/-300 X X
Boeing 777-200/-300 X X
Gulfstream GIV Series X X
G450 X X
G550 X X

Engine Maintenance Capabilities[2]

Engine Manufacturer Engine Type
GE CF6-80 Series
IAE V2500

APU Maintenance Capabilities[3]

APU Manufacturer APU Type
Honeywell GTCP131-9B
UTC Aerospace Systems
(formerly Hamilton Sundstrand)

Component Maintenance Capabilities

Specialized Services

  • NDT - Non-destructive testing (Level 2) - Ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, Eddy current testing, liquid penetrant testing, radiographic X-ray testing in accordance with EN 4179 and NAS 410
  • Aeropartners of Boeing certified winglet modification center for B737 Next Generation Aircraft
  • Complete stripping & aircraft painting
  • Cabin interior refurbishment
  • SSIP & CPCP Programmes and structural modifications
  • Avionic modifications such as TCAS, RVSM, EGPWS
  • Plasma spraying, welding, electro-plating, machining

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