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Business and management research is a systematic inquiry that helps to solve business problems and contributes to management knowledge. It Is an applied research.

Four factors (Easterby-Smith, 2008) combine to make business and management a distinctive focus for research :

  • Transdiscipline approach
  • Information access is difficult since managers see information as competitive advantage on the market
  • Managers are educated and want some information produced by the classical research method
  • Finding must resolve practical management problems

Managers often need information of high quality to help them to make the right decision.

Research process

  • Define and clarifying a research topic
  • Literature review on this subject
  • Research Philosophies
  • Formulate research design
  • Ethics and access to information
  • Defining a sample
  • Using Secondary data
  • Collecting primary data through observations, questionnaires and interview
  • Analysing data
  • Draw conclusions from data analysis
  • Basic research
  • Applied Research

Magazines & Unions

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