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CBDC NORTIP is one of 41 Community Business Development Corporations in Atlantic Canada and a part of a Network of 270 Community Futures Development Corporations across Canada. CBDC NORTIP is located in Northern Newfoundland on its Great Northern Peninsula. It covers the rural communities beginning at Norris Point and all communities North, accessible via Route 430 - The Viking Trail.


The mandate of CBDC NORTIP is to create or maintain permanent employment. The jobs to be created or maintained must be filled by local residents of the geographic area represented wherever possible, and the business must be located in the region designated by Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.


CBDC NORTIP's objectives are to develop businesses through assisting in the establishment, expansion, stabilization and protection of businesses; generate employment by maximizing the creation and retention of employment opportunities in its region by businesses; and to increase entrepreneurial awareness, especially among youth, in partnership with other community economic development organizations.

In order to achieve its objectives, CBDC NORTIP must:

I Business Development

Assist in the establishment, expansion, stabilization and protection of businesses. This is to be accomplished through providing:

• Flexible financial assistance tailored to the needs of the industry, business and individual seeking the assistance. • Counselling and technical assistance to entrepreneurs to help them develop their business ideas into viable ventures. • Leadership to industry groups, guiding them in the development and expansion of the various economic sectors. • Self-employment initiatives from third-party organizations that increase the value of the services we offer. • Training opportunities to entrepreneurs. • Encouraging its board and staff members to engage in professional development activities to enhance the skills available to its clients.

II Employment Generation

Maximize the creation and retention of employment opportunities in its region. This is to be achieved by:

• Emphasizing the creation of local employment opportunities in its business development activities. • Focusing on business development activity that is incremental to its region and does not create any detrimental competitive impact that may impair other employment positions. • Avoiding funding decisions that have the potential to merely reallocate employment and economic benefits from one of its sub-regions to another. • Participating in initiatives that encourage the local workforce to retrain or to better match employment opportunities with skills, encouraging retention of residents and lower unemployment.

III Entrepreneurial Awareness

Create of an atmosphere conducive to business development through entrepreneurial awareness and community development. They plan to attain this objective by:

• Conducting activities focused on youth, especially awareness of entrepreneurship as a career option and the services available to youth. • Delivering entrepreneurial services for youth. • Developing and delivering public events at which its services and that of like minded organizations can be promoted. • Being members of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations to provide opportunities to promote business development. • Obtaining membership in the Boards and sub-committees of community economic development organizations in the region as well as relevant Provincial organizations. • Maintaining healthy relationships with all levels of government including agencies and departments involved in business and community development. • Participating in social organizations and events that provide opportunity for increasing entrepreneurial awareness.

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