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This section is dedicated to exporting HandWiki to the LaTeX format and other formats for the production of technical and scientific documentation.

Conversion to LaTeX

Similar to OverLeaf, HandWiki can be used for real-time collaborative editing of articles. The main difference with OverLeaf is that HandWiki uses Wiki markup or Help:Wikitext Help:Wikitext like what can be found in Wikipedia. Therefore, additional steps need to be taken for conversion of HandWiki articles to LaTeX.

HandWiki articles can be converted to LaTeX using the menu "ZWI export" located at the top of the screen (its exact location depends on the skin). To see this option, one should login to HandWiki as a user.

This menu downloads a ZWI file of the current article. It is a zip file that contains the Latex file (with the extension *.tex) and images associated with the article.

Here is an example of a "well-behaved" wiki article that can be converted to LaTeX without any problems.

Conversion to DokuWiki format

The downloadable ZWI file includes the file called "article.dokuwiki". This file format is used by DokuWiki software.

Exporting mathematical and chemical formulae

Separate chemical formulae and mathematical equations can be exported to the MathML and LaTeX formats. Navigate the mouse to the equation/formula and use the left button to pop-up the MathJax menu. Then select the needed export format. See the example:

Example for chemical formulae:

Exporting chemical formulae

Example for mathematical equation:

Exporting mathematical formulae

Tips for LaTeX conversion

Here are a few tips that can help the conversion of HandWiki articles to the LaTeX style:

  • For equations, use double dollar signs (as for LaTeX);
  • Currently one level of bullet and numerated lists can be converted;
  • Always use BibTeX files for citations. See Citation manager;
  • If possible, save images as PDF, EPS or SVG;
  • Minimize any wiki boxes and decorations during article creation
  • Complex tables with many styles are not supported.

The conversion to LaTeX requires the following replacements:

  • The mathematical equations enclosed between the "math" tags will be converted to LaTeX equation statements;
  • The section tags (equal signs) will be replaced with the LaTeX "section" or "subsection" etc.;
  • The tag "bib" that creates wiki citations using "key" should be replaced by the LaTeX "cite{key}" tag;
  • The File statement enclosed inside the squire brackets tags should be replaced with the standard LaTeX "includegraphics" command.

If Actions - LaTeX Export in the top-right menu does not work, all such replacements can typically be done automatically by using the "search and replace" function which is available in any text editor. If you need to make many replacements, use the MediaWiki2Latex online tool or Pandoc tool. Note that automatic replacement tools tend to be not very accurate.