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Status indicator

Page status indicators are icons (or short text snippets) displayed outside of the main content that provides quick information about the status of the article (for example whether the page is protected or whether it is a featured article). See indicators. One can add it like this:

<indicator name="foo">[[File:Foo.svg|20px]]</indicator>

Backlink indicator

You can also use the backlink indicator as

<historylink type="back" />
<historylink type="back" style="font-weight:bold; font-size:13pt;" /> // with style

Progress indicators

To indicate the status of articles, use

{{to do}}, {{in progress}}, {{partially done}}, {{done}} and {{not done}}

which will be shown as:

To do To do, In progress In progress, Incomplete Partially done, ☑Y Done and ☒N Not done

You can also show a bar that indicates the progression as shown in [1]. Here is an example:

36.7% complete

that is done as: