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EditorIbrahīm Al-Yāziǧī
Categoriesliterature, science, language, medicine
PublisherIbrahīm Al-Yāziǧī; Bišāra Zalzal; Ḫalīl Saʿāda
First issue15 March 1884
Final issue28 February 1885
Based inBeirut

The journal At-Tabib (“The doctor“) was edited between 1884 and 1885 by the Lebanese linguist and journalist Ibrāhīm al-Yāziǧī (1847-1906) as well as by Bišāra Zalzal (1851-1905) and Ḫalīl Saʿāda. In total, they published 24 numbers in one year in Beirut, coming out every two weeks.[1] The predecessor of At-Tabib, Ahbār Tibbiya (“medical notifications”), had already been founded in 1874 by George E. Post (1838-1909). Being a member of the American Mission in Beirut as well as a professor at the Medical School of the Syrian Protestant College (nowadays the American University of Beirut, AUB), post created a medical journal for the College's students. After taking over the post of editor in chief, al-Yāziǧī changed it into an encyclopedic educational publication that now bore the subtitle Maǧalla ṭibbīya ʿilmīya ṣināʿīya and was guided by the examples of Al-Jinan and Al-Muqtataf. The content of its articles was medical, scientific, literary and linguistic.[2] Even though he failed with At-Tabib, it was only some years later that al-Yāziǧī published two other periodicals in Cairo: Al Bayan and Ad-Diya.


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