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Generation R is a prospective, population based cohort study from fetal life until young adulthood in a multi-ethnic urban population in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.[1] The study is designed to identify early environmental and genetic causes of normal and abnormal growth, development and health.[2] Eventually, results forthcoming from the Generation R Study have to contribute to the development of strategies for optimizing health and healthcare for pregnant women and children.[3]

The study focuses on five primary areas of research:

  • Growth and physical development
  • Behavioral and cognitive development
  • Asthma and atopy
  • Diseases in childhood
  • Health and healthcare

Study cohort[edit]

The children form a prenatally recruited birth cohort that will be followed until young adulthood. In total, 9778 mothers with a delivery date from April 2002 until January 2006 were enrolled in the study. Of all eligible children at birth, 61% participate in the study. A large part of this study cohort consists of ethnic minorities.

Data collection[edit]

Data collection in the prenatal phase included physical examinations, questionnaires, foetal ultrasound examinations and biological samples. In addition, more detailed assessments are conducted in a subgroup of 1232 pregnant women and their children. At the age of 5 years, all children were invited to visit the Generation R research centre for detailed assessments. This was repeated at the age of 9 years.


A list of publications from the Generation R study.


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