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The following is a list of notable people diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Name Notability Reference
Abe Shinzō Abe Prime Minister of Japan (2006–2007 and 2012–2020) [1]
Abrams Casey Abrams American musician [2]
Anderson Sunny Anderson TV and radio show personality, food caterer [3]
Benirschke Rolf Benirschke American football player [4]
Brenneman Amy Brenneman American actress [5]
Broder Henryk Broder Polish born German author and TV personality [6]
Bush Marvin P. Bush Son of George H. W. Bush [7]
Butler Rashad Butler American football player [8]
Cherry Apsley Cherry-Garrard British polar explorer [9]
Corson Shayne Corson Canadian hockey player [10]
Diekman Jake Diekman American baseball pitcher [11]
Fletcher Darren Fletcher Scottish footballer [12]
Gedney Chris Gedney American former NFL player [7]
Green Hank Green YouTuber and entrepreneur [13]
Itzin Gregory Itzin American film and television actor [14]
Lee Stewart Lee English comedian [15]
Lorre Chuck Lorre American television writer, director, producer and composer [16]
Martin Erin Martin American pop singer [17]
Mauti Michael Mauti American football player, linebacker [18]
Mierkalns Josh Mierkalns English cricketer [19]
Moody Lewis Moody English rugby union player [20]
Moxom David Moxom American soccer player [21]
O'Connor Siobhan-Marie O'Connor English competitive swimmer [22]
Pettyjohn Adam Pettyjohn American baseball player [23]
Pisani Fernando Pisani Canadian hockey player [24]
Redgrave Steve Redgrave British rower [25]
Reynolds Dan Reynolds American musician [26]
Sadowitz Jerry Sadowitz Scottish stand-up comic and magician [27]
Slocum Heath Slocum American golfer [28]
Smallbone Luke Smallbone Australian-American singer/songwriter [29]
Snow Tony Snow American journalist, former White House press secretary [30]
Somerville Jason Somerville American professional poker player [31]
Speed Scott Speed American race car driver [32]
St-Pierre Georges St-Pierre Canadian mixed martial artist [33]
Paul Stewart Scottish race car driver [34]
Swartz Aaron Swartz American computer programmer and activist [35]
Sweeney Jordan Sweeney American musician [36]
Wagner Dajuan Wagner American basketball player [37]
Wilberforce William Wilberforce English politician [38][39]
Wilkins Ray Wilkins English footballer [40]
Witton Hannah Witton British YouTube personality [41]
Wolpaw Erik Wolpaw American video game writer [42]



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