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John Dalton, himself colorblind, pioneered research in the field.
Mark Twain regularly joked about his colorblindness.
Australian artist Clifton Pugh won multiple national awards in spite of his protanopia.

This is a list of people with color blindness, meaning they have a decreased ability to see color or differences in color.[1]


Name Type/Details Lifespan Country Profession Notes Source
Jacques Abeille 1942-2022  France Surrealist writer Wanted to be a painter. [2][3]
František Bílek 1872-1941  Czechia Sculptor Was forced in school to switch from painting to sculpting. [4]
Ian Botham b. 1955  England Cricketer [5]
Jack Buck red-green 1924-2002  United States Sportscaster Prevented promotion in merchant navy.
Taj Burrow red-green b. 1978  Australia Surfer Was prevented from becoming a pilot. [6]
Sebastian Coe b. 1956  England Politician, retired athlete [7]
Walter Cronkite red-green 1916-2009  United States Journalist [8]
John Dalton deuteranopia 1766-1844  England Scientist Could only recognize blue, purple and yellow. Conducted extensive research into colorblindness, which was originally named Daltonism after him. Specified in his will that an autopsy of his eyes be conducted. [9][10]
Russell T Davies b. 1963  Wales Screenwriter Was dissuaded from a career as a comic artist. [11]
Grant Dayton red-green b. 1987 United States MLB pitcher [12]
Thomas Delaney red-green b. 1991  Denmark Denmark Association football player [13]
Jesse Draxler red-green b. 1983  United States Visual artist Since 2015, Draxler has worked exclusively in black and white. [14]
Milton H. Erickson 1901-1980  United States Hypnotist [15]
Brian Foster b. 1972  United States BMX rider Foster once held a job painting bikes. [16]
Merrick Garland red-green b. 1952  United States 86th United States Attorney General Kept a list of matching suits and ties. [17]
Bill Gates b. 1955  United States Founder of Microsoft
Joseph Gatt b. 1971  England Actor, model Was prevented from becoming a pilot.
Jeff Gerstmann red-green b. 1975  United States Video game journalist [18]
Oliver Goldsmith Blue cone monochromacy 1728-1774  England Writer Among the oldest believed incidences of colorblindness. [19]
Jonny Greenwood red-green b. 1971  England Composer, member of Radiohead [20]
Neil Harbisson extreme b. 1984  Spain/ United Kingdom/ Ireland Artist, musician, political activist Started a project in 2003 to develop a sensor that transposed color frequencies into sound frequencies. [21]
Cal Henderson b. 1981  United Kingdom Programmer Worked on applications to make the Internet more accessible to colorblind people. [22]
Matt Holland red-green b. 1974  England/ Ireland Association football player [23]
Richard Hughes red-green b. 1975  England Musician, member of Keane [24]
Jake Humphrey red-green b. 1978  England TV presenter, journalist Publicly stated on BBC Radio 5 Live comedy sports show Fighting Talk. [25]
Ian Hunter red-green b. 1979  England Cricketer Publicly stated in BBC interview. [26]
John Kay achromatopsia b. 1944  Germany/ Canada Lead singer of Steppenwolf Legally blind because of the severity of colorblindness. [27]
Graham Kennedy 1934-2005  Australia Entertainer [28]
Brian Kibler b. 1980  United States Game designer Publicly stated on his Twitter account. [29]
Jin Kim red-green  Korea Animator Was barred from art school, so studied economics; animated for Disney for 20 years. [30]
Yair Lapid b. 1963  Israel Journalist, politician Was known to wear a black shirt because of his colorblindness. [31]
Howie Mandel b. 1955  Canada TV host Publicly stated: "I'm colorblind". [32]
Nicholas U. Mayall 1906-1993  United States Astronomer Dissuaded from becoming a mining engineer. [33]
Matt Meese b. 1983  United States Comedian Has joked about his colorblindness. [34]
Jose M. Mendoza  Philippines Sculptor Worked as a color separator in a publishing house for three years. [35]
Charles Meryon b. 1821  France Artist Focused on etching instead of painting. [36]
Peter Milton deuteranopia b. 1930  United States Artist, teacher Horrified to learn that his landscapes were pink, so he switched to monochrome art. [37]
Christopher Paolini red-green b. 1983  United States Author (Eragon) Gave some of his characters red-green CVD. [38]
Logan Paul red-green b. 1995  United States YouTuber, actor Caused controversy for allegedly faking his reaction to color-corrective lenses in a vlog. [39]
Jan Pol red-green b. 1942  Netherlands Veterinarian, TV host [40]
Clifton Pugh protanopia 1924-1990  Australia Artist Won three Archibald Prizes. [41]
Cory Brandan Putman b. 1976  United States Musician [42]
Eddie Redmayne b. 1982  England Actor Publicly stated that he is colorblind. [43]
Rachael Scdoris Achromatopsia b. 1985  United States Dog musher First legally blind person to complete the Iditarod. [44]
Nicolas Winding Refn b. 1970  Denmark Director, screenwriter, producer Publicly stated that he is unable to see mid-tones but has not specified which colors. [45]
Chris Rogers b. 1977  Australia Cricketer Struggles with ball color. [46]
Fred Rogers red-green 1928-2003  United States Children's television presenter (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) [47][48]
Roger Staubach red-green b. 1942  United States NFL quarterback Naval officer who could not distinguish port (red) from starboard (green). [49]
Rod Stewart red-green b. 1945  United Kingdom Singer-songwriter Held a job at 15 selling and designing wallpaper. [50][51]
Vinny Testaverde red-green b. 1963  United States NFL quarterback First overall draft pick in 1989. [52]
Matthew Wade b. 1987  Australia Cricketer Struggles with ball color. [53]


Mark Williams red-green b. 1975  Wales Snooker player Has mistakenly sunk the wrong balls while playing. [55]
Neil Young red-green b. 1945  Canada Musician [56]
Mark Zuckerberg red-green b. 1984  United States Founder of Facebook [57]
Yi Kang Lim red-green 2004-2022  Singapore Soldier-in-Transit Has declared he cannot see


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