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A simulated pregnancy is a deliberate attempt to create the impression of pregnancy.[1][2][3][4] It should not be confused with false pregnancy, where a person mistakenly believes that they are pregnant.


People who wish to look pregnant, generally for social, sexual, entertainment, or psychological purposes, have the option of body suits and the like to wear under their clothes. It can be done by using pillows or pads, or light-weighing, small balls with a round shape to simulate a pregnant abdomen. A common practice is to place a form replicating a belly (rolled up clothes, deflated ball, etc.) under a skin colored, tight bodysuit. This creates a realistic color and shape.


The reasons for a person to desire a simulated pregnancy vary greatly from one individual to another. It could be an intellectual curiosity, a cosmetic effect or social experiment, an erotic or sexual experience, or part of a larger psychological issue. A simulated pregnancy may in some cases be a manifestation of factitious disorder.

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