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Stump socks[1] are tubular medical or clothing accessories with a blind end that are fashioned similar to socks, usually without a heel. They are worn on amputation stumps for a number of reasons. As stump socks are typically worn on body parts that do not contain a foot, their definition is distinct from the average sock type garment. Amputation stumps can be sensitive to cold or heat,[2] particularly as their capacity to regulate tissue congestion is limited. The skin of amputation stumps can be very sensitive to allergic, chemical or mechanical irritation[3] and thus may have to be protected.

There are different types of stump socks, some of which are available individually made to fit, some as industrially manufactured items:

  • socks with metal fabric that are worn to reduce phantom sensation or pain[4][5][6]
  • compression socks that are worn to reduce tissue congestion or swelling[7]
  • protective socks or liners that are worn to fit the stump inside a prosthesis[8][9]
  • socks that are worn to keep the stump warm [10]
  • socks or liners that contain skin care products on their inside that are released into the skin [11]


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