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Xebra (medical imaging software) is an open source (GNU GPL), cross-platform, thin client and server written in Java for web-based distribution and clinical review of radiology data in DICOM format. Xebra is based on open standards including JPEG2000, WADO and IHE XDS-I.

Xebra was officially released by Hx Technologies on November 6, 2007. Here is a copy of PR statement released to LinuxMedNews:

[Xebra] provides healthcare organizations and software developers with all the necessary components to securely transmit and review medical images over a network such as the Internet. Unlike its closed and proprietary predecessors locked to a single vendor, Xebra is intended to work alongside any picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and to provide advanced imaging capabilities to a wide range of healthcare IT applications. Written in Java, the software is designed to run on any operating system with an ultra-thin client that can be launched over the Web without any installation required by the end user.[1]


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