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The EastMed Gas Forum (EMGF or EGF) is an international organization formed by Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and Palestine. It has been nicknamed "the OPEC of Mediterranean gas". It was established as an international body on 16th January 2020. The headquarters of EastMed Gas Forum are located in Cairo, Egypt.[1]


Originally, the bloc was an informal forum of Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, and Greece. Major companies, such as Total S.A., Eni and Novatek and Exxon, have signed exploration and production agreements concerning gas with those governments.[2][3] Representatives of Palestine and Jordan have attended the meetings of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum.[4] On 16th January 2020, the EastMed Gas Forum became an international body. Subsequently, France and the United States asked to join the Forum, as a member and permanent observer respectively.[5]


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