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Short description: Research institute at Saint-Cyr-l'école
Institut aérotechnique
Institut aérotechnique
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] 48°47′52″N 2°03′17″E / 48.7976941°N 2.0546247°E / 48.7976941; 2.0546247
Geographical position of the Institut aérotechnique
Geographical position of the Institut aérotechnique
Position in France

The Institut aérotechnique (IAT) is a French public research laboratory part of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, specializing in aerodynamic studies, located in Saint-Cyr-l'École (Yvelines).[1]

The creation of this institute is thanks to an initiative of Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe, also founder of the Aéro-Club de France. Its inauguration took place on July 8, 1911.[2] It currently has several wind tunnels, some of which specialize in the automotive, railway and aerospace sectors. Concerning aeronautics, the laboratory has a partnership with the Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées.[3]


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