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The National Institute of Administration, (Arabic: المعهد الوطني للإدارة العامة; French: Institut national d'administration) is a Syrian government school responsible for the training of civil servants in management and administration. Its main office and training center is located in At-Tal, near Damascus.


The Institute was created in 2002 by President Bashar al-Assad to support the modernization of civil service in Syria. INA was the fruit of cooperation between France and Syria. The French Ecole national administration provided technical assistance until 2011.[1]


The founding principle of the Institute National d'Administration (INA) is to provide professional training for senior civil servants.[2]

The Institute emphasizes the ethics of government service, based on the values of responsibility, political neutrality and service. INA uses a broad approach that cuts across ministerial or specialist lines and includes law, public finance, applied economics, Arab, regional and international issues, local regions and e-government.[3] public-sector management, including team and project management, monitoring and evaluating efforts involving multiple agencies, and human resources management, all in a constantly changing environment.

Areas of expertise

  • A core curriculum for high-level civil servants
  • Continuing education programmes and advanced training for Syrian civil servants through short and long training courses
  • Bilateral and international relations in the areas of governance and public administration
  • Offering consultancy and expertise services to public services in Syria on administrative modernization issues,

Recruitment procedure

Admission to INA is based on a competitive examination[4] that people take after completing university studies. It is open to civil servants and non-civil servants and proceeded by a preparation cycle of seven months. The competitive exam includes essays on - the economy and administration - general knowledge - an exam on foreign language (French or English). - an exam on the multiple choices method on the three disciplines mentioned above.

An oral exam, taken by those with the highest marks in the written exam, covering: - A discipline chosen by the candidate (law, economy, general knowledge). - One or two foreign languages (French or English) .


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