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Queen Arwa University
جامعة الملكة أروى
PresidentWaheeba Faree
Administrative staff
Ghassan Hashim
WebsiteQueen Arwa University

Queen Arwa University is a Yemeni private, university founded in 1996 in Yemen and named after Queen Arwa.[1] [2] The university has some different fields of study including Humanities and Social Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Administration, Engineering, Science, Higher Education, Art, Law, and Microbiology. [3]

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Queen Arwa University was established in January 1996. It gained recognition by the Ministry of Education and the Council of Higher Education Resolution No.(1). The first license was obtained with the establishment of the Yemeni International Languages Institute in 1989. In 1994, the Institute established the International Yemeni Institute for Development. It was in 1995 that the University laid the foundation for its first college, the College of Technical Sciences.


The main objectives of the University are:

  • Developing different, yet specialized courses in higher education in cooperation with other educational institutions.
  • Providing other social and scientific establishments with specialists in different areas of development, particularly in the fields of Women Studies, Environmental Studies, and Population Sciences.
  • Implementing educational programs to enable students to keep pace with advancements in technology, the arts, and sciences.
  • Forging cultural and scientific links and exchanges with universities, institutes, and scientific establishments in the Arab world, as well as abroad.


Queen Arwa University offers the following certificates:

  • BA Degree after the completion of four successful academic years.
  • Intermediate Diploma after the completion of two successful academic years.
  • Higher Diploma following the BA Degree after the completion of one successful year.
  • MA in Arts, Economy and Law after two intensive courses and research.

Academic Colleges

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Departments of Arabic and English Languages.
  • Departments of Sociology and Anthropology.
  • Department of Social and Psychological Services.

College of Commercial Sciences and Administration

  • Department of Management.
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Department of Marketing.
  • Department of Secretarial Studies.
  • Department of Political Sciences.
  • Department of Secretarial Studies (2 Academic Years).

College of Engineering

  • Department of Decoration Engineering.
  • Department of Computer Engineering.
  • Department of Architectural Engineering.

College of Science

  • Department of Computer.
  • Department of Mathematics.

College of Higher Education

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Women Studies.
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Educational Administration.
  • Department of Managerial Development.

College of Educational

  • Department of Educational Social Services.
  • Department of Special Education.

College of Art

  • Department of Islamic Studies.
  • Department of Library.
  • Department of Tourism.
  • Department of Public Relation.
  • Department of Library Sciences (2 Academic Years).
  • Department of Tourism (2 Academic Years).

College of Law

  • Department of General Law.
  • Department of International Law.

College of Microbiology

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