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University of HAMA
جامعة حماة
Hama University Logo.png
University of HAMA Logo
Former names
part of Albaath University
EstablishedMay 13, 2014
PresidentMohamed Ziad Mamdouh Sultan
Students25000 (2016/2017)
Hama Governorate
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University of Hama (Arabic: جامعة حماة), founded in 2014 with 11 faculties, is a public university located in the city of Hama, Syria. It was established by Presidential Decree No. 19 for 2014 issued by Bashar Al-Assad.[1]


Faculties [2]

  • Veterinary Medicine: Founded in 1969 [3](was part of Aleppo university then part of Albaath university in 1979 then part of Hama university in 2014).
  • Dentistry: Founded in 1979.[4]
  • Economics: Founded in 2005.
  • Physical Education: Founded in 2005.
  • Arts and Humanities: Founded in 2006.
  • Education: Founded in 2006.
  • Nursing: Founded in 2008.
  • Agriculture: Founded in 2011.
  • Medicine: Founded in 2012.
  • Architecture: Founded in 2013.
  • Applied Science: Founded in 2013.
  • Pharmacy: Founded in 2014.
  • Science: Founded in 2014.
  • Civil Engineering: Founded in 2016.
First Headquarters of the university (former building of Hama City Council)


  • Higher Institute of Languages.
  • Technical Institute of Dentistry.
  • Technical Institute of Emergency Medical Services.
  • Technical Institute of Computer.
  • Technical Institute of Agricultural studies.
  • Technical Institute of Veterinary Medicine.


  1. Azzam Riyad al-Kurdi.[5]
  2. Mohamed Ziad Mamdouh Sultan.

Under Construction [6]

  • The New Headquarters
  • University Hospital (nowadays medical students are being trained in Hama National Hospital which is directed by Ministry Of Health, until the University Hospital is built)
  • Expansion of Civil Engineering Faculty
  • Expansion of Applied Science Faculty
  • New Building of Technical Institute of Veterinary Medicine