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Coordinates: 58°23′40″N 13°51′15″E / 58.39453°N 13.85412°E / 58.39453; 13.85412

The University of Skövde
Högskolan i Skövde
Logotype of The University of Skövde
MottoYou create reality
Motto in English
"You create reality"
TypePublic university
Established1977 (1977)
BudgetSEK466 million[1]
ChairmanUrban Wass
Vice-ChancellorLars Niklasson
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students4000(FTE, 2015)[1]
Sweden Skövde
Colours          Ruby and sapphire

The University of Skövde (in Swedish: Högskolan i Skövde, HIS) is a state university in Skövde, Sweden.[3] The University of Skövde was granted university status in 1983 and is now an academic institution with general and specialised educational programmes in topics like Business, Health, Biomedicine and Computer game design. Research, education, and PhD training at the university are divided on four schools; Bioscience, Business, Health and Education, Engineering Science, and Informatics.[4] The university has approximately 9,000 students (4,000 FTE) in 50 undergraduate and 10 graduate programmes.

Main entrance.
The Portalen building housing the school of informatics, Sweden Game Arena, and Gothia Science Park
Buildings E (left) and G (right) at the University of Skövde campus.


The foundation for the university was laid in the 1970s by an act of the Swedish Parliament. The university was established in 1977. In its first year, the university offered 300 educational places. University status was achieved in 1983.[5] The university moved to new premises in the mid 1980s in order to accommodate for a growing student body. The new campus was housed in the barracks of the former Göta Logistic Corps (T 2) in central Skövde. In the following decade, new buildings were added to the campus as the university grew in student count and the integration of the, until then, separate School of Health Sciences (Swedish: Hälsohögskolan) as the Institute for Health Sciences.[6] In later years, the university has established itself as a modern higher education institution with programmes video game development,[7][8] bioinformatics,[9] and data science.[10] Something that has contributed to establishing Skövde and the university as a hub for Swedish computer game development with initiatives like Sweden Game Arena, and for research and development in IT with initiatives like the start-up incubator Gothia Science Park, considered to be an interface for science and local business.



The university is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. The Vice-Chancellor serves as the agency head and is supported by the university board which is responsible for making sure that the agency performs according to official decisions.

The University of Skövde, Building G
Snow-covered campus at the University of Skövde
The University of Skövde, Building E.
G Building at University of Skövde
A rendition of the coat of arms of the University of Skövde


The university's operational activities are organised into five thematic institutions:[4]

  • The School of Bioscience
  • The School of Business
  • The School of Health and Education
  • The School of Engineering Science
  • The School of Informatics

Research Centres

The university's research is conducted by research centres and groups spread out over the five schools (above):

  • Systems Biology
  • Retailing and International Business
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Followership and Organizational resilience
  • Knowledge and Innovation Management
  • Professional Accounting Practices and Sustainability
  • Virtual Engineering
  • Health and Ageing
  • Physical Activity, IT and Health
  • Woman Child Family
  • Distributed Real-Time Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Interaction Lab
  • Media, Technology and Culture
  • Skövde Artificial Intelligence Lab


The University's administration consists of eight departments:

  • External Relations and Communication Office
  • Academic Affairs Student Support Office
  • University Library
  • Estates and Facilities Office
  • Finance Office
  • Human Resources Office
  • IT Services Office
  • Executive Office


In a quality assessment study of Swedish higher education conducted by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, the university ranked seventh in Sweden.[11][12]


1983-2001 Lars-Erik Johansson
2001-2010 Leif Larsson [sv]
2010-2016 Sigbritt Karlsson[13]
2017- Lars Niklasson [sv]

Notable alumni

  • Darko Šarović (Track & Field athlete)
  • Niklas Åkerblad (artist)
  • Coffee Stain Studios (video game studio)

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