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Yarmouk Private University
Yarmouk Private University Logo.png
PresidentDr. Adel Safar
Jabab, Daraa Governorate

Syria Syria

Yarmouk Private University is a private university located on the international Highway connecting Damascus to Dara’a, 45 km (27.96 miles) away from Damascus. It lies amidst four counties, Damascus, Dar’a, Al-Suweida, and Al-Quneitera., Daraa Governorate, Syria, founded in 2007. It was created under Presidential Decree No. 262 on the 2007. Having ensured its possession of the various aspects of accreditation, it was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education on 29/10/2008.


  1. Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering
  2. Faculty of Business Administration
  3. Faculty of Civil Engineering
  4. Faculty of Architecture

International agreements

Below is a list of universities with which agreements have been signed until July 2012.

  • University of Queensland in Australia
  • University of Alberta in Canada
  • Malaya University in Malaysia
  • Multimedia University in Malaysia
  • Weihenstephan University in Germany
  • Al-Hosn University in the United Arab Emirates
  • Wessex Institute in the United Kingdom
  • Petra University in Jordan
  • Yarmouk University in Jordan
  • Cannes University in France
  • University of Nicosia in Cyprus
  • University of L'Aquila in Italy
  • University of Barcelona in Spain

Membership in Arab Universities League

In the 43rd round of the General Conference of Arab Universities League, held at Surt University in the Great People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya on 20-21/4-2010, YPU officially became a participating member of the League.