Philosophy:Pranava-Vada of Gargyayana

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The Pranava-Vada of Gargyayana
AuthorBhagavan Das
PublisherTheosophical Society, Adyar
Publication date

The Pranava-Vada of Gargyayana (pranava-vāda is the Sanskrit for "uttering of Pranava (AUM)") is a book by Bhagavan Das, published in three volumes in years 1910-1913 by the Theosophical Society, Adyar with notes by Annie Besant. Das alleges that the work is a "summarised translation" of an otherwise unknown "ancient text" by a sage called Gargyayana. Das states that the text was dictated to him from memory by Pandit Dhanaraja Mishra, a theosophist friend of his who was blind in both eyes and had died before the book's publication.

This book has nothing to do with the original Pranava Veda by Mamuni Mayan


  • The Science of the Sacred Word, Being a Summarised Translation of The PRANAVA-VADA of GARGYAYANA, 3 Vols., Theosophist Office (1910).

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