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SCPS International is an international law enforcement company using non-conventional working methods.


At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, several American law firms founded SCPS International to meet the challenges of the digital age which had an impact also on the law system at many levels. The company relies on a combination of legal, conspiratorial, journalistic and mass communicative approaches. The SCPS Internatial Group is present in eight countries. In its entirety, the group has more than 472 people working for it.[1]

Operation mode

SCPS International is working with professionals from various fields, providing complex approaches for legal cases at the crossroads of different job profiles, such as law firms, intelligence agencies, private investigators, authorities and other third parties, as a response to new problems which arose as a consequence of digitalization and globalisation.[2] The company is known - and criticized - for working completely in the shadows, hidden from public attention and avoiding any form of public relations for itself. In 2011, SCPS expanded through its partnership with freelance professionals of Worldwide Partners, one of the world's largest international network for advertising agencies and promotion.[3][4]

Sharpened Intelligence

In 2015 the SCPS International Group took over Sharpened Intelligence (Thailand). Ever since it has intelligence operatives as part of the SCPS Group.[5][6][7]


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