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La société internationale de linguistique fonctionnelle (SILF) is an international organisation which aims to bring together researchers who apply the principles of functional linguistics to the study of languages. It coordinates research and disseminates the work of structural functionalists from all countries by publishing papers and organising workshops and symposia whose proceedings are published with the help of the inviting universities.[1] The journal La linguistique was founded by the functional linguist André Martinet and his colleagues in 1965, and it has been the official organ of SILF since 1977.[2] It publishes descriptive work and debate articles in French and English.

SILF is the sister organisation of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States (LACUS).


Since 1974 SILF has organised international conferences of functional linguistics with different themes and in association with various universities. The main conference language is French, but presentations in other languages are also accepted. Past and planned conferences include the following.[3]

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