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In the Bible, to-e-vah means: "an abomination."[1] It can also be defined as "an unclean thing" because unclean animals or food were abhorred. It refers to unclean food, an idol, idolatry, outrageous conduct (violence, murder), adultery, etc.

Kinds of Abomination(s)

תועבה To-e-vah [117x]

To-e-vah (To-e-ḅah) means: "an abomination, abhorrence, abhorrent act, despicable act (deed) & taboo." The word "abomination" is actually of Latin origin and means: "abhorrence."[2] It's not to be confused with any modern corrupted and hateful meaning. The Greek translation of to-e-vah in the Torah, Ketuvim and Nevi'im was rendered as βδελυγμα "something despised;" which is from the verb infinitive: βδελυσσω "to despise [abhor]" (Ex. 1:12; 5:21; Lev. 11;11, 13; etc.). To-e-vah is a regular word that could technically refer to anything that someone or God abhors (despises). However, the Bible specifically mentions the following as an "abomination." It was an abomination for the Egyptians to eat le-khem [bread or food] (Gen. 43:32) with the Hebrews, who were shepherds of flocks (Gen. 46:34) and herds (Deut. 12:21).[3][4]

פגול Piggul [4x]

Pig-gul (unclean) is also translated as "abomination."[3] Brown-Driver-Briggs defines it as "a foul thing (refuse)." The Greek translation translated it as "defilement (pollution)" while the Syriac has the word ܡܣܠܝܐ mas-il-ya: "something rejected [an abhorrence, unclean thing]" (Lev. 7:18) and ܛܢܦܐ tan-pa "unclean thing" (Ezek. 4:14). The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible defines this Hebrew word as: "something that stinks or is rotten." In the Bible and Rabbinic literature,[5] it refers to the state of the flesh of the sacrifice after three days or the condition of unclean meat (swine, etc.).[3]


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