Religion:Cizin (Deity)

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God of death
Other namesAh Puch, Xibalba, and Yum Cimil, Kisin

Cizin was a Mayan god of death and earthquakes.[1]

According to Lacandon myth when a person dies Cizin burns the soul on his mouth and his anus. When the soul complains Cizin douses the soul in cold water, causing the soul to complain more leading Cizin to burn them until the soul disintegrates into nothing.[2][3]


The GodCizin goes by several names like Kisin, Ah Puch, Xibalba, or Yum Cimil.[3] His name either means stench or Stinking One.[4][1]

In popular culture

Cizin makes an appearance as a playable god in the 2014 free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game Smite as part of the Mayan pantheon.[5]