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Good Christian Fun
File:GoodChristianFun Logo.jpeg
Hosted byKevin T. Porter
Caroline Ely
Length60–150 minutes
Theme music composed bySonicflood
Opening theme"I Want To Know You"
Audio formatMP3
Original releaseSeptember 6, 2017 – present

Good Christian Fun is an audio podcast that follows Kevin T. Porter and Caroline Ely as they review elements of Christian pop culture, including movies, music, and more [1]. The podcast started in September 2017, and began offering bonus episodes for Patreon supporters in March 2018 under the name Good Christian Fun Second Service [2].

The podcast episodes feature a weekly guest, including people from the comedy and media world such as Stacey Oristano, Alice Wetterlund, Ego Nwodim, Travis McElroy, Matt Gourley, Jessica McKenna, and Blake McIver. Porter and Ely have also performed live shows across the United States of America.


During the recording of Porter's previous podcast Gilmore Guys, he frequently commented that his next podcast should be one about Christian pop culture. On August 22, 2017, Kevin Porter tweeted the below with the Good Christian Fun logo, teasing his return to podcasting after the end of Gilmore Guys.

I'm starting a new podcast. Coming in September.

— Kevin T. Porter (@KevinTPorter)[3]


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