Religion:Islam in Slavia

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Islam is the second largest adhered religion in the area of Slavia, after Christianity. Islam is more based in the Balkans, especially in the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and some Slavic areas around the Balkans, and some parts of Russia. There are around 4 million Muslims in Slavia, making them the most important indigenous ethnic group among all indigenous ethnic groups in Europe with significant portion of Islam.


Islam first entered the Balkans and Eastern Europe through the Ottoman Empire in circa 16th and 17th century. Islamization happens to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the history of the Ottoman Empire that happens in Eastern Europe and all around the Balkans, it became an important history for the place and thus making Islam a major religion practiced in Slavia.


Most Muslims around whole Slavia belongs to the Hanafi madhhab of Sunni Islam just like the Muslims living in the Indian subcontinent.