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Al-Ismul Azam (Arabic: الاسم الأعظم) or Al-Ism al-A'zam, literally "the greatest name"[1][2][3][4] (also known as "Ismullah-al-Akbar" (Arabic: اسم الله الأکبر),[5][6] refers in Islam to the greatest name of Allah[7][8] known only to the prophets.

Hadiths related to Ismul Azam

Some names possess general meanings and can be applied instead of several other names,[9] "... as far as will be ended to a/the name that there won't be another name(s) higher than that, and is called Esm-A'zam or Ismullah al-Akbar" (of course Ismullah al-Akbar has been applied to another meaning, too).[9][10][11]

Ismul A'zam is believed[by whom?] to have a powerful effect in the act of blessing.[9] According to Islamic hadiths, whoever calls Allah using this term, his or her dua will be granted.[9][12][13]

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