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Short description: Christian devotion on Good Friday
Front page of the Devocion a las tres horas by P. Alonso Messia SJ.

The Three Hours' Agony (also known as the Tre Ore, The Great Three Hours, or Three Hours' Devotion) is a Christian service held in many Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist churches on Good Friday from noon till 3 p.m. to commemorate the three hours of Christ's hanging at the cross.[1]

It includes sermons on the Seven Last Words from the Cross,[2] and usually occurs between noon and 3 p.m. (the latter being the time Jesus is said to have died on the cross and the time the Liturgy of the Lord's Passion begins),[1] and sometimes between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.[3]

The Jesuit priest Alphonsus Messia (died 1732) is said to have devised this devotion in Lima, Peru. It was introduced to Rome around 1788 and spread around the world to many Christian denominations.[1] In 1815, Pope Pius VII decreed a plenary indulgence to those who practise this devotion on Good Friday.[4]


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