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This is a list of long marriages. It includes people who have been married for at least 80 years. The length of marriage is based on the reported death of either member, or reported divorce, or the most recent report that both members of the couple were still living.


A study by Robert and Jeanette Lauer, reported in the Journal of Family Issues, conducted on 40 sets of spouses married for at least 50 years, concluded that the long-term married couples received high scores on the Lock-Wallace marital satisfaction test and were closely aligned on how their marriages were doing.[1] In a 1979 study on about 55 couples in marriages with an average length of 55.5 years, couples said their marriages lasted so long because of mutual devotion and special regard for each other.[1] Couples who have been married for a long time have a lower likelihood of divorcing because "common economic interests and friendship networks increase over time" and during stress can assist in sustaining the relationship.[2]

Another study found that people in long marriages are wedded to the idea of "marital permanency" in which "They don't see divorce as an option".[3] Sociologist Pepper Schwartz, AARP's relationships authority, said that it was helpful to have a spouse who is quick to recover when there are surprises in life.[3]

A study of 1,152 couples who had been married for over 50 years found that they attributed their long marriages to faith in each other, love, ability to make concessions, admiration for each other, reliance on each other, children, and strong communication.[4] Bowling Green State University's National Center for Family and Marriage Research found that 7% of American marriages last at least 50 years.[3]

Recording longest marriages

The longest marriage recorded is an emerald wedding anniversary (90 years) between Karam and Kartari Chand, in the United Kingdom. Karam and Kartari Chand married in 1925 and died in 2016 and 2019 respectively.[5][6]

Guinness World Records published its first edition in 1955.[7] In the 1984 to 1998 editions, the longest recorded marriages were between Temulji Bhicaji Nariman and Lady Nariman, spanning 86 years; and Lazarus and Mary Rowe at 86 years according to the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.[8][9] Guinness has since recognized couples with longer marriage spans, with the current world record holders being Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher.[10] Guinness also keeps record of the oldest married couple by aggregate age.[11]

Other organizations have created events where they honor couples with long marriages. In 2011, World Marriage Encounter (WME), an American organization that was responsible for making a World Marriage Day, created a Longest Married Couple Project (LMCP), where they pick a couple with a long marriage and honor them on Valentine's Day.[12][13] They have since expanded the awards to representatives in each of the 50 states, although the candidates selected are not necessarily the ones with record-setting marriages.[14] Starting in 2004, Louisiana Family Forum has honored its own annual list of long-time married couples in that state.[15]

List of marriages reported to be more than 80 years

  Spouse is deceased   Both spouses are living   Disputed or unverified

Names Marriage date Length of marriage End date
(person's death)
(at date of last report or death)
Notes Refs
Karam Chand
Kartari Chand
1925-12-11 90 years, 291 days 30 September 2016
Bradford (England ), United Kingdom Not recognized by Guinness World Records[16] [17]
K. Philipose Thomas
Sosamma Thomas
1918-2-17 88 years, 2 days 19 February 2006
Kerala, India Not recognized by Guinness World Records[18] [19][20]
Herbert Fisher, Sr.
Zelmyra (née George) Fisher
1924-5-13 86 years, 290 days 27 February 2011
North Carolina, United States Current Guinness World Record for longest marriage, recognized in 2008[10][21] [22]
Temulji Bhicaji Nariman
Lady Nariman
1853 86 years 1 August 1940
Maharashtra, India Temulji and Lady Nariman married as cousins when they were 5 years old.
This was noted as longest marriage recorded through 1940.
Shared Guinness World Record with Lazarus and Mary Rowe for editions up to 1998.[9]
Lazarus Rowe
Mary (née Webber) Rowe
1743 86 years 27 June 1829
New Hampshire, United States Shared Guinness World Record with the Narimans for editions up to 1998[9] [26][27][28][29]
Liu Yung-Yang
Liu Yang Yang-Wan
1917 86 years 21 July 2003
(Yang Yang-Wan)
Taoyuan, Taiwan Was recognized by Guinness World Records 2004 (published in 2003) as world's longest marriage[30][31] [32][30]
John George Betar
Ann (née Shawah) Betar
1932 85 years, 291 days 12 September 2018
Connecticut, United States Winner of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter's Longest Married Couple Project in 2013[12] [33]
Duranord Veillard
Jeanne Hermina Veillard
1932 85 years, 184 days 1 June 2018
New York, United States [34]
Maurice Kaye
Helen Kaye
1934 83 years, 330 days 22 July 2018
Bournemouth (England), United Kingdom [35]
Henry Andrew Johnson
Lena (née Knudsen) Johnson
1920-2-8 83 years, 231 days 27 September 2003 (Lena) Iowa, United States [31][36]
[better source needed]
William B. Ritchie
Claudia Lillian Ritchie
1919 83 years, 224 days 22 November 2002 (William) Kentucky, United States Recognized by Guinness World Records as world's oldest living married couple in 2002 [37][38][39][31]
Norman James Burmah
Norma "Mickey" (née Depland) Burmah
1931-1-27 83 years, 222 days 6 September 2014 (Norma) Louisiana, United States [40]
Marshall N. Kuykendall
Winifred Louisiana "Winnie Louise" (née Macnab) Kuykendall
1929-2-14 83 years, 221 days 22 September 2012 (Winnie) New Mexico, United States Winner of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter's inaugural Longest Married Couple Project in 2011[12] [41][42]
Steven "Steve" Wrubel
Victoria Virginia "Vicky" (née Puvalowski) Wrubel
1929-9-28 83 years, 192 days 8 April 2013 (Vickie) Florida, United States Were recognized by Guinness World Records in 2011, but did not clinch the record[42] [43]
George L. Briant
Germaine (née Thibodeaux) Briant
1921-7-20 83 years, 192 days 25 January 2005 (Germaine)
28 January 2005 (George)
Louisiana, United States Honored by Governor David Vitter in the Louisiana Family Forum's inaugural Louisiana's longest married couple contest in 2004 [44]
Masao Matsumoto
Miyako Sonoda
1937-10-20 81 years, 209 days 17 May 2019
Kagawa, Japan Guinness World Record for "Oldest living married couple, aggregate age", recognized in August 2018[45]
Guinness World Record for "Oldest married couple, aggregate age" (17 May 2019)[lower-alpha 1]
Michael Nikolaus
Katharina Nikolaus
1924-12-26 80 years, 358 days 19 December 2005 (Katharina) Siegen, Germany [48]
Loyd Monroe Collins
Evelyn Eunice (née Garlington) Collins
11 August 1934 80 years, 334 days 10 July 2015 (Evelyn) Louisiana, United States Recognized by the Louisiana Family Forum in 2012 [49]
Ronald Gilbert Collings
Esther Elizabeth Collings
1938-10-19 80 years, 187 days 24 April 2019
Adelaide, Australia Australia's oldest couple mark 80 years together[50] [50][51][52]
John Henderson
Charlotte (née Curtis) Henderson
1939-12-22 83 years, 314 days Texas , United States Recognized by Guinness Word Records as the oldest living married couple. [53]}
Warren Clinton Snell
Arlene Larson
1940-2-25 83 years, 249 days Iowa, United States [54]
Lukas De Jong
Eva Bakker
1940-5-27 83 years, 158 days California , United States [55]
Jon Magnusson

Rita Magnusson

1940-7-14 83 years, 110 days Hvidovre, Denmark [56]


  1. At the time of Masao Matsumoto's death, on 17 May 2019, he (born 9 July 1910) was aged 108 years, 312 days and his wife, Miyako Sonoda (born 24 November 1917), 101 years, 174 days, a combined age of 210 years, 121 days.


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