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ARCAD CodeChecker
Developer(s)ARCAD Software
Initial releaseSeptember 2018 [1]
Stable release
V13 / December 31, 2020; 3 months ago (2020-12-31)
Written inJava
Operating systemIBM i
TypeStatic program analysis

ARCAD CodeChecker is a proprietary static code analysis solution from ARCAD Software used for continuous detection of code quality issues and security vulnerabilities in IBM i (aka AS/400, iSeries) applications.


ARCAD CodeChecker can be used standalone or with open source or third party DevOps tooling on IBM i, to perform code quality review [2]and security inspection for both RPG and COBOL languages, including RPG III to RPG IV, Fixed, Free and Fully Free formats, SQL variants, CL and CLLE[3].

ARCAD CodeChecker provides 100+ rules based on best coding practices that can be customized to adhere to local standards. Security risks such as SQL injection, vulnerable APIs, dynamic SQL[4], etc. are identified and code is evaluated against metrics such as code complexity.

ARCAD CodeChecker integrates with the Jenkins open source automation server to provide continuous quality and security checking as part of a CI/CD cycle. It can be used directly from Rational developer for i (RDi)[5], the integrated development environment from IBM, or from the command line. ARCAD CodeChecker also comes with a REST API and integrates with SonarQube for reporting on metrics history and evolution graphs.

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